Current projects:

Products of Toukoro 100% natural and hand made - Burkina Faso Stand Bendia Ferney-Voltaire
Stand Bendia Ferney-Voltaire

    Premium African WAX !! 20€ (2mX1,20m)
    Les pagnes de Bobo

    Of course there is Shea Butter / 5€ for 125g
    karité de Toukoro

    Dried mangos, delicious and soft after 30min in cold water / 5€ for 100g
    mangues séchées

    Cashew nuts, home grilled, hardly salted, very tasty...
    once you pop you can't stop.. watch your liver! / 5€ for 100g
    noix de cajou

    Wild honey, digged out form underground, where bees are hiding from the heat. Rare, strong and original taste / 10€ for 125g
    miel sauvage

    All items wraped in small bags, custom made in Toukoro, with coton grown and weaved locally / 5€ a piece
    sac en coton local

Self-sustainability for your Community!

  • You are a motivated member of a community, solidary organization or of a group of human-orientated simliar interest?
  • As such, you plan to realize or develop a project oriented in public service?
  • With the idea of self-sustainability? The Agency is at your disposal!

What we suggest:

  • Elaborate the targeted public service (school, waste management, etc..)
  • Identify a locally pertinent commercial activity.
  • Build a Business Plan based on the Global Autonomous Scheme.
  • Find a Socially Responsible Investor to finance the operation.

Please note that it is the quality of the project which makes it financeable. The more you put into your business plan and project, the more you will achieve.

The next step is yours to take... Download the Raising Autonomy Model, and let's get started!

The Agency is a public service, and as such as such will not charge any fee or tax.

We are a proud living example of a self-financed organization, enabling complete independance and autonomy in concern to our activity as a World Wide public service.

In Burkina Faso, thanks to a partnership between the Association "LeParadis" and our Agency, a school became self-sustained by creating activities that generate income.

le paradis