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It will come all the sooner!

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Regularly involved in new projects, mainly in Burkina Faso, the recent Toukoro initiative is moving along, step by step! The mil shop has opened and its benefits will be used to finance a public service, such as a high-school. More commercial activities will soon follow, such as a mobile-phone charging station, a dry fruit production unit, and a dress-shop.

Local products are already for sale, such as African WAX (clothe), wild honey, dried mangoes, cashew nuts and shea butter from Toukoro.

In Toukoro, the whole territory is mobilised to make a difference, find local solutions and create a dynamic, which involves every one. First step of this programme : the inventory of the territory, made by the local population.

Les hommes de Toukoro

Needs and resources emerged, and with it the ways to vitalise the whole, thanks to a "global cooperative".

Concretely, instead of riding kilometers of (infernal) tracks to get basic food (mil), inhabitants can now get it right in the village, at a cheaper price, knowing that profits will be spent on public service activities.

Win-extra-win deal!

Next move: a local production line of karité (shea) butter.

Les femmes productrices de Karité

So that not one more cent nor skill get out of the territory unless for its own good!

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Great day to all, and wonderfull emancipation!