So many faces, So many destinies, all enlighted by an inextingishable flamme. They invite us to see beyond their own personnalities, a same motive that drives us to act, a vision of emancipation. Let's stop looking at their finger, and start looking at the sun they are pointing at!

Aimé Césaire Akhénaton Abraham Lincoln Arthur Rimbaud Hailé Sélassié Aung San Suu Kyi Confucius Carlos_Castaneda Charlie_Chaplin Charles_de_Gaulle Balavoine Tenzin_Gyatso Che_Guevara Mahatma Gandhi H%C3%B4_Chi_Minh Jose_Bove Jean_Cocteau Jesus Mahomet Jean-Jacques_Rousseau Karl_Marx Kwame Nkrumah Lao Tseu Martin_Luther_King Coluche Maria_Montessori Arthur_Rimbaud Monthy_Python Malcom_X Noam_Chomsky Le Druide Pierre Bourdieu Patrice_Lumumba Platon Bob Marley Rosa Parks Aimé Césaire Salvador Allende Rudolph Steiner Bouddha HPB Terry_Gilliam Thomas_Sankara Yitzhak_Rabin