The Agency Staff

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> Yannick Humeau, president, life agent 
Developing autonomous solutions for solidarity structures and precarious territories, thanks to a rich experience in Burkina Faso. Also involved into artistic projects carrying the emancipation message. Universal, multidimensional and funky! 

Soumana, agriculture solidaire
> Soumana Sanou, vice-president, mad'n gentle
Commander of the Bobo's vital forces, wised and ready for anything. Made out of bones only, golden and unliftable. Can silence an entire crowd just by standing. Co-inventor of the PIP stream with his cosmic twin Y.H. 

Soumana, agriculture solidaire
> Christian David, publication, network and communication
An authentic man of heart, as brillant as he is modest

Nothing escapes his glance : you think you just met him, in fact he adopted you, and you're already family. Immense

Antoine Bertherin project manager
> Antoine Bertherin, project manager and agriculture specialist
Just like his swiss moutain pastures, bucolic from afar, rougher as you get closer. A mad toad escaped from the Alpin bush, guided only by his wild and yet tender instincts.