The Agency Staff

> Yannick Humeau, president, life agent 
Elaborating autonomous solutions for solidarity groups and precarious territories, thanks to a rich experience in Burkina Faso. Also involved in artistic projects carrying the emancipation message. Universal, multidimensional and funky! 

Soumana, agriculture solidaire
> Soumana Sanou, vice-president, mad'n gentle
Commander of the Bobo's vital forces, wised and ready for anything. Made out of bones only, golden and unliftable. Can silence an entire crowd just by standing. Co-inventor of the PIP stream with his cosmic twin Y.H. 

Christian, Media % Network
> Christian David, publication, network and communication
An authentic man of heart, as brillant as he is modest

Nothing escapes his glance : you think you just met him, in fact he adopted you, and you're already family. Immense

Mabel Joanneton, communication & Publication
> Mabel Joanneton, communication & Publication
With her whole being, simple and vaillant, alternative and light
Commmitted, always seeking, on the front line, pioneer of the new world, of which she is the ambassador, and the embassy!